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The About Mark

Mark has made hundreds of Labyrinths and expresses himself fully‭  ‬as a Horticulturalist‭ ‬,Landscaper,‭ ‬Builder,‭ ‬Group Facilitator and Artist in the labyrinth.‭ ‬His passion for designing and creating Labyrinths started‭ over  ‬25 ‬years ago. He has trained with two world leaders in‭ ‬Labyrinth‭ ‬facilitation and‭ ‬building :Dr Lauren Artress and Robert Ferre‭ ‬.He‭ ‬has led many retreats where the labyrinth is the centre of the ceremonial and ritual space.‭ ‬His love of the sacred is expressed fully in these times.‭ ‬He expertly guides his groups to find for themselves their true nature and purpose.‭ ‬He has designed a unique system to build labyrinths using a metal‭ ‬landscape‭ ‬edging‭ ‬product  to make‭ ‬Labyrinths‭ ‬with strength,‭ ‬durability,‭ ‬ease of maintenance and beauty.‭ ‬He‭ ‬has shared his love of Labyrinths with‭ ‬many community groups including Schools,‭ ‬Mens Gatherings,‭ ‬The Joining Gathering,‭  ‬Community Garden Projects,‭ ‬Art Exhibitions,‭ ‬Botanical Gardens‭ ‬,and last three years at Woodford Folk Festival‭. The artist in‭ ‬Mark has created‭ ‬Mosaic labyrinths‭  ‬in tiles,‭ ‬glass‭ ‬ and stamps,‭ ‬he’s‭ ‬made leadlight and glass fused labyrinths and carved them into wood. Mark makes traditional‭ ‬Labyrinth‭ ‬designs as well as‭ ‬nine of his own that he‭ ‬has‭ ‬designed for‭ ‬specific situations and purposes.‭ ‬His Angel Wing‭ ‬3‭ ‬circuit design for example‭ ‬ is ideal for an edible or‭ ‬sensory garden or where wheel chair access is needed, also‭ ‬his‭ ‬Labyrinth of Choice  and the Chalice of Love are‭ ‬5‭ ‬circuit designs, ideal for ceremonies and‭ ‬allows the labyrinth walker a choice of where to start their journey.

Pepperfield Gardens Camden NSW Mark and Kailash Healy