I Lost My Mind In The Labyrinth And Found My Heart
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The Labyrinth Society Gathering Houston Texas coming out party.

Today i set up for the first time a vendor table with the labyrinth collectives products ,so excited to see how the world engages with these precious gifts.Say tuned .

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The journey to now

I am Mark Healy i have had a 21 year love for labyrinths,i made my first finger labyrinth by hand carving it with chisels  over 15 years ago then i used a hand held router .I make labyrinths in many materials.These are the two labyrinths that started this journey.

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The Blog

This is a 15 years dream coming true ,to make it easier to supply my labyrinth products to the world.During this winter i have been refining production adding new designs chartre being the main one and the triple spiral most recently.I managed to source a good quantity of wide boards at a garage sale with australian cedar and kauri pine adding to the tasmanian timbers .As time goes on i will be adding other labyrinth inspired art and merchandise from other labyrinth lovers. .

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